1000s of amazing choices!

We have great Proven Winners and amazing bedding plants!


600 Varieties to bring season long color!

We grow our perennials right here in Enfield! They will make your garden pop!


Naturally Grown Like you Deserve!

We grow in organic soils and only use organic fertilizer. To bring you you the best!


We've got thyme for you and many more

We make herb gardening fun and easy!


1000s of shrubs choices

We carry more than 350 types of shrubs in many different sizes. You will find the perfect shrub for any spot


Planting to design!

We can do it all...from a simple consult to a complex design we have you covered. Just call or stop by for amazing results!

We want to be your Destination Garden Center!

We have more than 30 amazing employees that help you create your Dream.

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